My name is Jessica and I am the creator of Basket Full of Happy. A place of health, healing, and inspiration.  Holistic nutrition and the mysterious world of herbs have always been cherished passions of mine.  God's natural world never ceases to amaze me and I am eternally humbled at the vast, divine creations of majestic beauty found only in nature.  It was those passions that led me here to share my own walk with nature armed with the desire to help others  achieve a healthy, happy life.   

Years of herbal & nutrition study, as well as the joy in healthy cooking, have defined my life so much that I breathe every moment to learn more and more. It is in nature, God's Garden, you will find the healing and peace that will allow you to grow to be the person you want to be:  Your best you.    

An admitted addict to Teeccino and coffee; in addition to health coaching, I am also an office manager,  writer and aspiring author (We Are All Ghosts-first novel) and I adore all things spooky, cozy mysteries (think Agatha Christie), flowers and herbs,  beautiful artwork, animals, hiking, and outdoor water creations.  I have a grown son who also enjoys eating well, all things outdoors, exercise and taking time to enjoy this wonderful life.

Come follow me and learn the enjoyable art of healthy living.  


  This is not my quote, but I love it.  Rest, don't quit :)

This is not my quote, but I love it.  Rest, don't quit :)